No One is Ever Ready for Kids

Is anyone else super over being told that they should be having kids? I have been married for just shy of 4 years. I am 23 years old and people keep asking when we are going to have kids. I give them our reasons, some of them financial, all of them true. And I always, ALWAYS get back that no one is ever “ready” for a baby- financially or emotionally. Well, folks. Here is what I have to say to that.

*WARNING: ranting about to occur*

  • So first off, I AM TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD. I HAVE TIME. I don’t know if it’s my small town or maybe things are changing, but it seems like all the people I went to school with and people younger with me are popping out babies left and right. They’ve got their lives together and that’s truly wonderful for them! But, I’m still working on me.
  • We are currently attempting to financially recover from my husbands $200,000.00+ back surgery! (Granted, we had insurance so we don’t have to pay THAT much, but it sure still feels like a lot!!) Maybe let me get on my feet again and we’ll talk? I should at least be able to have a decent savings account when we decide it’s time for baby. I mean, babies take lots of money. I’ve put off getting a dog because we literally cannot spare the money. And you want me to have a BABY? Sure, sure. If you’re going to fund it.
  • I understand that you don’t think anyone is every truly ready. But ya know what, YOU DON’T KNOW ME. When I tell you that I am not ready, it’s because I know myself and I know my limits and I know my wants and needs. Right now, I don’t want a kid! I want to travel with my husband and make memories before we throw a child in there. After a child, life is about that child. About what the child needs and wants. About how to make the child happy and provide the best future for them. Frankly, I’m not done focusing on me and my husband. There are still things I want to do with just him without having to worry about anything else.

So those are my reasons at the moment. And don’t take this all the wrong way, like I hate children or something. I love kids. Kids are adorable. They wear tiny socks and hats and pants and it’s way cute. I want kids. I want quite a few kids. I just don’t want them right now.

So all you married couples without kids (MCWoKs!), has anyone been pestering you to have kids? Share you story! We MCWoKs gotta stick together.

That’s all for today, fishes. Until next time!



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